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Chapter 4

Discouraged, the red fox representatives observing the big council of animals across the sea, had returned home. They had lost again. They could not accept the partition. After four hundred years of being dominated by the turkeys with their vast empire, it had changed to 30 years of occupation by the bulldogs of the island nation as part of their colonial rule in many lands.

Now the bulldogs were leaving. Instead of finally being free to govern themselves, the red foxes would be under the paws of the new silver foxes in the two thirds of the land allotted to the silvers. But could they even stay in their own dens? Now it looked like they might have to leave them and their hunting grounds or perhaps if they were lucky, become second-class foxes in their own land.

Unknown-1The collections of dens and hunting lands that had become so much a part of them as red foxes were now in jeopardy. Their homes, their family, their heart. They could not bear to uproot themselves and go elsewhere. Freedom dashed. It would never be the same.

Even the smaller territory allotted to them would be governed by another red fox group that lived across the river on its east side. They were different, and had negotiated with the silver foxes to have control of the entire land apportioned to the native reds. So even if the resident foxes moved to their new land on the western side of the river, it would be ruled by another group of reds, not themselves. Maybe it would be better than being under the paw of the silver foxes, but they would still not be free.

No, the whole partition idea taking most of their land for the silver foxes reeked of injustice. It didn’t seem fair. The reds would resist in whatever way they could, which wasn’t much. You don’t go willingly when forced by strangers to leave your home. Maybe other red foxes from lands to the east would come to their aid to fight the silver foxes. That seemed to be the only hope.