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Chapter 8 continues the allegory of Fox Tales. Previous episodes can be found in that category.

Explanations needed. As more red fox villages and areas of cities where they lived fell to the silver militias, fear leading to terror of the militias swelled. Hearing of massacres many reds fled on their own, particularly those with the ability to do so, and a place to go. Their leaders pleaded with them to stay knowing that their leaving fit exactly into the silver’s intent. So spreading the stories would make cleansing of the land easier for the silvers.

Unknown-4After a particularly brutal attack on a village near the great city on the top of the mountain, the word spread quickly. Many males were executed and attacks of the females further panicked families. Baby red foxes died in the massacre as well. Locally the news caused many other red foxes in nearby areas to flee. So this particular event became news the silvers used, pointing out the futility and danger of resistance to the legitimate right of the silver foxes to the land.

On the other hand, the silvers felt the need to “explain” their activities to other animals far away, the cleansing out of the red foxes. It read like this: these silver foxes who had endured such horrible persecution in the northern great forest had at last found a homeland where they could be safe. But then they found an entrenched group of other foxes, terrorists, who fought them requiring them to defend themselves and the land given them by the great council across the sea in eagle land. (Besides, these terrorist reds didn’t really belong there. They had moved to the land from other places so native red foxes didn’t really exist after all.

For the silver foxes, all their efforts for peace in “transferring” the reds out ended in fighting. It seems their enemy foxes wanted to push them into the sea. And particularly so if the red foxes of the surrounding countries sent their powerful armies to fight them. They hadn’t done it yet, but the threat was real, that once again the little silver foxes would have to defend themselves against the mighty reds. It seemed like a good explanation to the world. In fact, most animals in other countries actually believed it.

So most of the animals of the world heard only the silver fox story. It was sad, the horrible killing of them in the great forest during the recent war. A few animals felt guilt for not doing more to stop that massacre. Others believed the part about the great spirit giving them the land long ago, and that the promise still applied now. (Almost any animals could claim that sometime long ago they were given territory by some higher power and therefore could push others out.) The stories emanating from the new land seemed true. Reports always put the red foxes in a terrorist box, the aggressors. They were bad and wanted to push the poor silver foxes who were so weak, into the sea. The reds had no voice among the animals of the world. Their story never got out. The silvers told things that were untrue. Like they were victims of the powerful red foxes and had to protect themselves. The reports coming from that land now of the silver foxes seemed true to most animals far away. The truth lay buried. Any reports to the contrary didn’t survive the “explanations.” So many animals far away felt sorry for the poor silver foxes and agreed that the red foxes were terrorists trying to kill the silvers.