Why This Blog? To see injustice and do or say nothing about it reminds me of the three monkeys, see, hear and speak no evil.

Of all the crises current in the world, the one we Americans even Christians promote, is the oppressive and growing military occupation of Palestine for the past nearly 50 years. Our billions of dollars per year and our votes in the UN put us on the wrong side of history. Many Americans do not know what our tax dollars and votes actively enable—untold suffering, as in Gaza and the West Bank during 2014. Racism. Colonialism and ethnic cleansing. Fear in Israel. Can we support Palestinians’ largely non-violent resistance?

Loving your neighbor as yourself, welcoming the stranger among you and doing to others what you would have them do to you means ending the military occupation. Peace is possible if we Americans are moved to act on what is right.


    Alarmed at the Bloodshed - December 22, 2017

    Chapter 12 finds the council across the sea in eagle land becaming alarmed at the bloodshed. They realized the partition they had proclaimed was unfair. So they sent a representative to get the silvers and reds to stop fighting. The famous animal wh

    An Actual War Begins - November 14, 2017

    Chapter 11, in the allegory, an actual war begins. (Previous chapters can be found in Fox Tales category. On the same day, May 15th, everything happened. The last of the bulldogs left. The silver foxes promised their own land became independent. A

    A Momentous Day - October 23, 2017

    Chapter Nine of the  allegory focuses on May 15 of the year when all this happened on a momentous day. Previous chapters can be found in Categories as "Fox Tales." It started at midnight, almost half a year since the great council over the sea ha

    Explanations - October 5, 2017

    Chapter 8 continues the allegory of Fox Tales. Previous episodes can be found in that category. Explanations needed. As more red fox villages and areas of cities where they lived fell to the silver militias, fear leading to terror of the militias