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Chapter 12 finds the council across the sea in eagle land becaming alarmed at the bloodshed. They realized the partition they had proclaimed was unfair. So they sent a representative to get the silvers and reds to stop fighting. The famous animal who had helped the silvers during their distress in the great northern forest, did succeed for a short time in stopping the fighting. But it continued sporadically anyway, not accomplishing anything really. Finally he proposed a new plan that would divide the land equally, give those foxes displaced from their homes the right of return to their lands and a peace keeping force of others that would prevent further fighting.

But a renegade group of the silvers killed the famous envoy. The silver foxes clearly had the upper hand and with help from silver foxes experienced from fighting the gray wolves in the great northern forest, and were able to continue taking land in their territory to get the reds out.

The reds from other places quit fighting and with a final armistice negotiated later over several months, they left. The silvers ended up with 78% of the land. And all this time, the cleansing of their land continued, driving out more and more red foxes..

Unknown-1The reds thought they at least would get the one third of the land promised them. But now down to 22% of the territory, they lost even that to their cousins across the river, also red, but very different. Without even a chance of developing their own land, the red fox inhabitants of the land found they were again colonized and had no chance of developing their own country.