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The silver foxes needed a  new plan. This is chapter six in the allegory. The previous story to date can be found in “Foxtales” category.

The plan of retaliation by the silvers for any resistance by the red foxes began to seem incomplete, sporadic and disorganized. Several militia groups of aggressive silver foxes arose, creating havoc in many places, and leaving destroyed villages empty and uninhabitable without rebuilding. These militias attacked randomly, without coordination with others, sometimes even surprising the main group of silver fighters now calling themselves the “Defense.”

Unknown-4So leaders of the silver foxes formed a group called the consultancy, and they discussed several plans to better actualize on the ground the provisions of the partition. Their leader stated the idea that the ultimate borders of the silver territory would be established by fighting, not by an arbitrary “green” line drawn by the council far away. Many ideas surfaced including permission to kill red foxes without consideration of age or sex. Even mothers with their little foxes. Some wanted to take the entire land to include the part apportioned to red foxes. It would become one country from sea to river inclusive, run by the silvers after expelling most of the reds. But the leadership of the consultancy thought these ideas too radical.

It had now been four months since the council’s decision from eagle land with many places already cleansed of red foxes. But the idea of random attacks for any resistance and then leaving empty places didn’t appeal to the silver fox leaders. They wanted a more organized force, coordinating plans, controlled by the consultancy as a unified defense. They had lost a few battles to the reds, not many. They also worried about red foxes from other areas to the east coming to help their brother reds drive out the new silver immigrants. This could mean war with a more powerful enemy.

The silver leaders had discussed several plans, but finally settled on the fourth one they referred to as “D.” This one would shift the strategy to an offensive mode. They would not simply retaliate for any signs of red fox resistance, but would attack any and all areas wherever and whenever they chose. They would continue to call this “defense” and use that term to label the new coordinated militias.

But the most important part of the new approach would be to move in silver foxes as quickly as possible to the newly abandoned red fox home areas whether in what they called cities where the reds and native silvers had lived for hundreds of years, or the exclusively red fox villages. They would thus occupy the land progressively while continuing to expel more and more of the reds. Occupation by silvers to the exclusion of the reds would be the ultimate solution. The land is ours. The “others” must leave. The displaced reds would have to find some place to go, it didn’t matter where.