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Chapter 5.  (Story to date in category “Fox Tales”)

What should the newcomers do to make the partition of land proposal real on the ground? Several groups of aggressive Unknownmale silver foxes began to form fighting groups. Attacks began to be called “defense.” Some of these had been trained by the bulldogs during the war fighting gray wolves in the great northern forest. So they had fighting skills. When banning together they organized themselves as militias to begin to frighten their red cousins.

Soon without direction or overall strategy, some silver foxes began to attack the red fox areas. At first they chose a large port enclave in the north with a large concentration of red fox dens. The killed some and terrified others.

The idea was to drive the red foxes out of their dens in the areas where they lived together in large numbers in fox cities or small ones we would call villages. At first they terrorized the red foxes with large rocks and fire. In the large community on the coast where the bulldogs gathered to get on ships for home, the silvers attacked the reds, killing some with fierce tactics while the bulldogs watched, doing nothing to stop it.

When red foxes there and elsewhere began to resist the attacks, the silvers banned together to destroy their dens. Unknown-1Pockets of resistance sprang up with the reds in other places beginning to retaliate by attacking the silvers. But this proved futile because then the more powerful and organized silver militias would destroy their dens and drive out the red foxes. So the red foxes fled to save themselves, thinking they would return soon and rebuild when the trouble died down.

But it didn’t. It escalated, with renegade silver foxes attacking red fox villages wherever any resistance by the reds showed up. The silvers began to think of themselves not as attackers, but as a “defense” against the resistance. The idea grew and they spread it everywhere, that they were only a defense against the terrible aggression of the red foxes. They simply defended the land that was rightly theirs, and had been allotted to them by the resolution of the council over the sea. The “defense” idea grew and became the official name of the main silver fox militia. That’s it!  Evict red foxes by “defense.”